Why Fusion Mineral Paint is the Best

Why Fusion Mineral Paint is the Best

Find out for yourself why Fusion Mineral Paint is the best paint for painting furniture and other projects today. Painters often mistakenly choose chalk paint. These days, Fusion Mineral Paint has become a better alternative to traditional paint in recent years. Since its release, the Fusion line has been making its mark on the DIY industry. Fusion Mineral Paint has since created a buzz in the paint industry. And, like you, many people are curious about why it’s the painter’s number one choice.

Sometimes, Fusion Mineral Paint is mistaken for chalk-based furniture paint. However, the Fusion Mineral Paint is entirely different. It provides significant advantages over chalk-type dyes. Throughout this article, we’ll examine why Fusion Mineral Paints are so great. We also talk about its similarities and differences from chalk-type paint, as well as its benefits for your furniture over long periods of time.

What’s the Difference Between These Two Paints?

There is no need to confuse Fusion Mineral Paint with chalk-type paint, as they possess distinct characteristics. Fusion Mineral Paint is a water-based acrylic paint without plaster or chalk. It produces a smooth, vivid finish. Also included is a topcoat that gives a long-lasting finish.

The same goes for chalk paint. However, water dominates the mix more than paint pigments do. Plaster of Paris or dehydrated gypsum provides the finish with a vintage look.

Below is a table describing the differences as well as the similarities between chalk-type paint and Fusion Mineral Paint.

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The table demonstrates that Fusion Mineral Paint provides more advantages versus chalk-based paints, especially for DIY projects.

Water-based Characteristic

Fusion Mineral Paint and chalk-typed paints are both water-based. Both of them are safer and easier to work with.

Contains Chalk?

Chalk-type paints are identified that way because they do contain chalk, unlike Fusion Mineral Paint.


Both require little to no preparation because they adhere readily to almost any surface type. However, you might encounter some problems using chalk-type paints on wood-type surfaces.

Built-in Topcoat

You don’t need to add a sealer or a top coat since it already has a built-in topcoat. Chalk-type paint, on the other hand, is quite different. You need to apply a sealer or topcoat to achieve a smoother and more beautiful finish.

Can It Be Distressed?

Just like the chalk-type paints, Fusion paints can also be distressed as much or as little as you like, but we highly recommend that you do the distressing as soon as Fusion begins to dry to save yourself some time and effort.

Similarly, it’s easy to distress chalk-type paint. They have no sealer to keep the color on the surface. If you don’t mind sanding and distressing chalk paint once it’s dried, you can do so fairly easily.

Can It Achieve an Antique Look?

Any dark wax or glaze can be used with Fusion paints to get an antique look. Use Fusion’s Antique Glaze to apply clear wax or poly to improve the gloss of Fusion paints.

With chalk-based paint, you can create an antique look as well. Use dark wax or antique varnish to add incredible detail to your chalk-type paint. The chalk-type pigment absorbs every drop of dark wax or varnish you apply because it’s porous. As a result, it makes it difficult to manage how much antiquing you want to achieve.

Water-Proof & Stain-Proof Characteristics

As Fusion is not porous, it is waterproof. It is made from acrylic resin, which is non-porous. The acrylic resin protects and strengthens the surface of the wood by bonding the paint to it. Its waterproof nature also makes it stain-resistant. Cleaning is as easy as soap and water.

On the other hand, chalk paints are porous. Other liquids are not resistant to them. It is also not stain-proof for the same reason.


Fusion paints are light and thin in consistency. With your brush, the paint moves so effortlessly. It doesn’t leave as much texture as chalk-type paint. Because Fusion Paint has a thinner consistency, it is easier to work with.

However, chalk-type colors are usually thick. It can, however, be thinned and smoothed by watering it down.

Does it Require Sealing or Topcoat?

A built-in topcoat seals the paint with Fusion’s acrylic resin. You can use a topcoat for enhanced gloss or durability. But remember: adding a topcoat is not necessary to complete your Fusion project.

In contrast, chalk-type paints do not contain a topcoat. If you want a long-lasting finish, then you can opt to apply a coat of sealer.


On average, chalk paint costs $35-$40 per quart. Meanwhile, Fusion Mineral Paint only costs $20.99 a pint. Fusion paints are sold by the pint to help you avoid excess dyes for smaller DIY projects.

Fusion Mineral Paint is the Better Choice

Fusion Mineral Paint is the Better Choice - A Place Called Home GA 2

Fusion Mineral Paint is unique in that it can help make your DIY project more manageable and produce high-quality results. Below are some other factors that make Fusion Mineral Paint the best.

  • · Virtually Odorless
  • · Excellent Coverage and UV Resistant
  • · Various Color Range
  • · Friendly for Beginners


There is no doubt why Fusion Mineral Paint is the best available paint on the market because of all its fantastic features. We strongly recommend it for beginners planning to start a DIY project.

Are you wondering where you can get some for yourself? Shop for paint with us now! At A Place Called Home, we’ve got all the paint and tools you need to finish your DIY project.

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Gaynelle Khan
A certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant… we carry the full Fusion line and love refinishing furniture and teaching customers how to “Paint It Beautiful”!
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