DIY Bathroom Makeover: How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

DIY Bathroom Makeover: How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Is your bathroom ready for a DIY bathroom makeover? Knowing how to paint bathroom cabinets can save you a lot of money!

Do you have an outdated bathroom cabinet and want to do a quick makeover to achieve a new look? Painting it with Fusion Mineral Paint is the easiest and best way. Painting the bathroom cabinets may sound like a lot of work, but with Fusion, you can save all the trouble and do it on your own easily.

Read on as we will share with you how to paint your bathroom cabinet and enjoy a fresher-looking bathroom with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Why Use Fusion Mineral Paint for Bathroom Cabinets?

Fusion Mineral Paint is now growing in terms of its popularity. It has now become the top choice for most DIYers. So if you are planning to do a DIY bathroom makeover by painting your bathroom cabinets, then Fusion Mineral Paint is your new best friend.

With Fusion, you can enjoy all its wonderful benefits as follows:

  • No Sanding Needed
  • Easy to Apply
  • Great Coverage
  • Contains Built-in Top Coat

Fusion Mineral Paint is the best paint option, especially for more exposed-to-water furniture, like your bathroom cabinets. Its built-in topcoat makes it more durable and safe from water splashes.

Steps on How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Step 1: Prepare all the Supplies You Need

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The first thing you need to do is prepare all the things or supplies you need to paint your bathroom cabinets. For this project, below are the supplies that you need:

Step 2: Prep Your Cabinets

Yes, there is no need for you to sand your bathroom cabinets. However, it would be best to do a little prepping still to achieve a flawless result.

Remove Cabinet Doors, Drawers, and Hardware

When prepping your bathroom cabinets, we recommend you remove all doors, drawers, and hardware to make sure you will reach all surfaces of your cabinet. This way, it will also allow you to paint your cabinet doors easily and make sure you will not miss any spots.

Make sure you put labels on all hardware so you won’t have a problem putting them all back together.

Clean Your Cabinets with TSP

You can use Fusion TSP to clean your cabinets as part of the preparation. It is the ideal kind of TSP because it does not require any rinsing or wearing of gloves. It will also not affect the adherence of the paint.

Note: Depending on the condition of your bathroom cabinet, sanding the surface is only recommended if needed. For instance, if you patch any damaged area with a putty knife and wood putty, you must sand it using 220-grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface.

Make sure to rinse off the dust after sanding using water. Allow at least an hour and a half for it to dry off before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 3: Apply Primer/Bonding Agent

Using a primer/bonding like Ultra Grip is only necessary depending on the type of material your bathroom cabinet is made. Applying Ultra Grip is highly recommended if your bathroom cabinet has a glossy or slippery surface. It will help the paint to adhere easily to those types of surfaces. When applying Ultra Grip, you can use a Staalmeester Microfiber roller or fine synthetic brush.

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets - A Place Called Home GA 2
Fusion Ultra Grip – A Place Called Home GA 2

The Fusion paints will adhere to any other type of materials like wood without using Ultra Grip, but I still recommend you apply it before if you want long-term durability. Allow the Ultra Grip to at least 12 hours or overnight for better results.

Step 4: Let’s Get Painting!

After letting your bathroom cabinet dry, you can now paint a coat of Fusion Paint with the color you prefer.

You can paint your cabinets using a Staalmeester Microfiber roller or fine synthetic brush. However, you will achieve a smoother finish if you use a brush instead. Just make sure that you will not hesitate to load your brush with Fusion paint. The more paint, the smoother your strokes will be. Don’t forget to paint your cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware so that you won’t get reminded of your old crappy ones.

Note: Fusion Mineral Paints are known for their excellent coverage. Painting your bathroom cabinets with one coat is already enough, but if you want to achieve complete and total coverage, then applying a second coat will be amazing.

Step 5: Seal to Finish!

Fusion already has a built-in topcoat, which makes applying a seal unnecessary. The finish becomes stain proof, waterproof and it provides long-lasting durability once it’s cured after 21 days.

However, in the case of the bathroom cabinet, it is exposed with water splashes and is used every day. As a result, we highly recommend using a Sealer over your paint. It will help to make cleaning your bathroom cabinet easier and more durable.

If you painted lighter color on your cabinet, you could use Fusion Tough Coat. We highly recommend using Fusion Natural Stain & Finishing Oil for darker colors.

Step 6: Assemble Your Cabinet and Enjoy the New Look

Once your cabinet is fully dry, you can now put back the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware. Enjoy your newly painted bathroom cabinets.

With Fusion, you will not be reminded of your old crappy cabinets anymore! Make your bathroom makeover easier with Fusion Mineral Paints. Check our website to learn more.

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Gaynelle Khan
A certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant… we carry the full Fusion line and love refinishing furniture and teaching customers how to “Paint It Beautiful”!
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