Fusion Metallic Paint

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Rose Gold Metallic Paint

Since Rose Gold Metallic Paint has been gaining traction everywhere these days, we probably don’t have to tell you how popular it has become in recent years. Our homes are filled with it, we have it on our jewelry, and we even have it on our cell phones. Using Rose Gold Metallic on a side […]


Champagne Gold Metallic

Champagne Gold is a much softer paper gold, more sophisticated and modern. Think of it as the updated cousin of that timeless classic gold, where you don’t want as much of a traditional darker gold depth but rather something that feels a touch light and airy. We think this colour would be wonderful to customize table vases and candle holders for weddings and other holiday celebrations. Possibly even personalized signs and even some creative mosaic art work for your home. And let’s not forget furniture handles and knobs!


Pale Gold Metallic Paint

A yellow-based gold, perfect for that vintage, sparkly charm.

Brushed Steel Metallic Paint

One of our most popular, this metallic is perfect for adding a rustic faux-metal look. People will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between it and real steel.


Champagne Metallic Paint

This metallic exudes is accented with the slightest pink hue, and the result is a sparkling rose gold color.


Copper Metallic

Copper Metallic is a striking deep burnt sienna color.


Pearl Metallic

The beautiful iridescent sheen of our Pearl Metallic is sure to make jaws drop. Perfect for adding the slightest pearlescent accent that works beautifully with just about anything.


Vintage Gold Metallic

This color was inspired by our dear friend Jamie Lundstrom from So Much Better With Age and her absolutely stunning DIY projects and love of French Vintage decor. If you crave an aged look that transcends time, this is the metallic paint for you.