About Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion™ Mineral Paint Is The Perfect Paint For the Everyday DIY'er

When you want excellent coverage for your home decorating project, Fusion is the perfect finish! Featuring paints that have high hiding power and a built in clear top coat, it’s easy to get projects done fast: simply Paint It Beautiful with Fusion!! With over 50 eye-catching colors to choose from, it’s easy to tackle any project small or large!

Give yourself the time and encouragement to explore, be inspired, and go with the flow. Bring your own thoughts to life through new projects that express who you are.

Do what makes you happy and create your own designs by choosing Fusion Mineral Paint – the only choice for exceptional colour, coverage and durability. Unlike our competitors, we formulate our paint from start to finish using quality ingredients that give you incredible results that last!

Our customers return over and over again because fused mineral paint is supported by a knowledgeable retail network where you can find helpful information about creating and finishing both indoors or out.


Approximately 75 square feet can be covered by one pint (500 ML), while one tester size (37 ML) is adequate for a small project.


Quality control ensures that each batch will not separate or harden in the container for seven years. In order to achieve this, we use only the best ingredients available on the market. Fusion Mineral Paint manufactures their product from the ground up, using only our unique formulation. There is no comparable product on the market!

Fusion™ paints contain no toxicity of any kind and are virtually odorless, which means that consumers are able to use them for their painting projects without coming in contact with any toxic chemicals.

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Why We Love Fusion Mineral Paint...

Fusion Mineral Paint is a game-changer. It has many benefits like being easy to apply with exceptional coverage, minimal prep needed and no top coat required. Not only that but it has a gorgeous matte finish.


50+ Colors to Choose from...

Fusion Mineral Paint provides not only new, interesting colour choices but also a durable finish while making it user-friendly and easy to apply so that both the novice and advanced DIYer can use it.

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