What You Need To Know About Furniture Wax

What You Need To Know About Furniture Wax | A Place Calle Home GA

Furniture wax is a liquid substance that is applied to furniture to protect it from minor wear and tear. The use of wax will help protect the furniture against things like spills, stains, and dirt accumulation.

There are many types of furniture wax on the market, but the ones with natural ingredients are best for your furniture. That’s why we use Fusion Mineral furniture wax. Our product, Fusion is composed only of natural minerals and carbon, which are responsible for a vibrant depth of color. Additionally, our furniture wax is absolutely beautiful to work with!

Waxing doesn’t have to be icky! Using only the finest ingredients, our waxes are individually handmade using a 40 year old recipe. They go on easy, virtually smell free, and leave behind a beautiful and durable finish. Waxing furniture seems easy, but there are actually a lot of variables that will determine when you should wax. For more information on waxing furniture, keep on reading.

Why Use Furniture Wax?

The wonderful thing about Fusion Mineral Paint is that you don’t need a wax top coat! But we LOVE waxes for giving your piece that extra something!

Used on a surface, furniture wax is not needed to maintain the quality of the furniture. It mainly is for decorative purposes.

Furniture wax is a long lasting sealant for your paint, which can be used in different ways. You can apply it as an extra step to add shine to your piece if you want. It is not necessary for durability or to maintain the quality of the paint.

Smooth Surface: 

Waxing your wooden furniture can provide a rich, buttery finish. The wet-sanding process is often followed by adding wax on top to give the item that extra touch. Time for a refresh? Paint your furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint and enjoy its long-lasting abilities in style.

Enhanced Sheen:

Fusion Mineral Paint is a beautiful matte finish that is water-resistant and extremely durable. Occasionally, you may see some dirt residue on a dark matte finish that needs washing off – which has been shown to leave marks. A thin layer of wax applied to darker colors will increase their shine and prevent marks from appearing.

Adds Character: 

Wax is my favorite because it can help achieve a more aged look. Coloured waxes are the perfect detail to add personality to your project. Using Fusion’s Liming wax on furniture will help you achieve the whitewashed look you’re after. It also enables a quick & easy way to give it an aged appearance.

Using Furniture Wax

There are plenty of ways to make an old piece of furniture look like new, but one technique that seems to be forgotten is waxing the furniture. Waxing is a great way to highlight any detailed areas on your furniture, making them stand out. The wax can then be applied to those areas and wiped away with a lint-free cloth. Crevices and details will also get a nice sheen effect.

With wax applied in the wood, it becomes richer, the sheen increases, and protection is increased. Are you using a cutting board? You can create a food-safe finish using our Beeswax Finish. I love how easy it is to apply this wax and how beautiful it looks as well.

What kind of furniture should I wax?

Aside from changing the appearance of your furniture, you do not have to wax painted furniture. As stated earlier, it isn’t going to make painted furniture more durable per se, however it will be able to increase durability on bare wood.

Are there any surfaces I should avoid waxing?

Anything that is often in contact with heat or water will be harmed–furniture wax won’t last long when exposed to both types of elements. For example, kitchen cabinets might not be a good idea since they are in touch with so much heat and water.

How can I tell if my furniture is waxed?

A shiny surface may be a sign your furniture is waxed, but a scratch test is best. Use your fingernail to scratch gently along the surface if you notice debris that would indicate furniture wax. If the wax is there when preparing your piece, you can use a combination of mineral spirits and steel wool to remove it.

Why is furniture wax always applied last?

Furniture wax can be found in most households. That is because it is a very versatile product that can be used to protect all sorts of surfaces. You will not have to worry about any sort of mess getting on your tabletop with this product because it will wipe right up with ease. It works well and is a simple way to maintain your wood.

Did you know that chipping and layering effects can be created with wax?

My favorite use for furniture wax is to paint over it. Wow-didn’t your just hear that this isn’t possible? Knowing the rules allows you to break them! When I do this, I’m trying to create a layer effect or get a particular chipping effect. This is also great when getting paint to distress more easily.  A little tip to know is that you will get the best chippy effect if you use Fusion’s Milk Paint. Be sure to read our article on DIY Dresser Makeover for more tips.

Wrapping it Up

And that’s it! The essentials of furniture waxes. I told you it would not be painful!

Want to learn more about another Fusion Mineral product? Comment below!

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Gaynelle Khan

A certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant… we carry the full Fusion line and love refinishing furniture and teaching customers how to “Paint It Beautiful”!

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Gaynelle Khan
A certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant… we carry the full Fusion line and love refinishing furniture and teaching customers how to “Paint It Beautiful”!
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