DIY Dresser Makeover Before and After using Fusion Mineral Paint

DIY Dresser Makeover Before and After using Fusion Mineral Paint | A Place Called Home Ga

Fusion Mineral Paint Dresser Makeover Before and After

Many of us want to change up a room but don’t have the resources to do a total makeover of a room, we understand. That’s why we LOVE furniture paint so much – an outdated dresser can totally transform and update the look of a room. 

Dressers can be painted and reinvented to be on trend and brand new! We have a fabulous dresser makeover that demonstrates how a dresser can be updated from one look to another at an affordable price. 

We receive a lot of questions from individuals who are unsure about painting an already painted item.  We are going to walk you through refinishing a dresser with furniture paint in this tutorial. Not only will we show what prep is involved, but also what you should pay close attention to before you paint.

Dressers aren’t as complicated as some think they’ll be. So let’s get started and see the process step by step for this DIY dresser makeover before and after using Fusion Mineral paint.


It doesn’t matter if you’re painting a previously painted piece of furniture or one covered in lacquer, you should use our TSP Alternative to remove any grease, dirt, or oils. 

If you’re concerned about wax on the surface, you should remove it first with mineral spirits. This gives you the assurance that there won’t be anything on the surface that will affect the paint.

You should check the condition of thrift store or estate sale finds and make sure nothing is damaged. For example, are the drawers easy to open and close? Are they level? 

Look for things like dovetailing, which indicates high-quality construction. Check for any smells that may be difficult to eliminate. Inspect for hardware to see whether you will need to replace it. You don’t want any surprises later on!

Remember, Fusion Mineral Paint requires very little prep. All you really need is a little bit of sandpaper and TSP for a thorough cleaning.

diy dresser before photo
Gaynelle’s Great Estate Sale Find!

What if the Piece of Furniture Is Waxed?

If the piece is waxed, wax will come off on your fingernail.  Remember, nothing sticks to wax, so waxing it is always your final step, especially if you are painting with a water-based paint such as Fusion Mineral Paint. If you think about it, removing wax is a lot like removing nail polish from your fingers. The goal is to get a clean surface.

You can remove wax from painted furniture by using an odourless solvent or mineral spirits (available at your local hardware store). These products are designed to remove the wax so that your new paint will adhere to it.

In the case of a distressed look, however, leaving wax on the areas you want to distress would help you achieve it. For a clean finish, however, you need to strip off all of the wax. This is a crucial step if you want the Fusion paint to adhere.

What Supplies Will I Need?

You should have the right tools to ensure a successful painting job. In addition to a paint tray, you should have a drop cloth for painting on to prevent damage to your floors.  For premium brushes, we recommend Staalmeester Premium Brushes

Let’s Start Painting

The dresser is painted with Fusions Cathedral Taupe….a great neutral color

You can start by gently dipping your brush in your Fusion Mineral Paint pint. We tend to recommend that you hold the brush at the ferrule rather than the handle, as you will have less trouble controlling it and it won’t hurt your arms as much.

You will not cover your whole piece with the first coat, and it will not appear opaque, especially if you are going from a dark colour to a lighter one. For better coverage, apply two thin coats. The thicker your paint coat, the longer it takes to dry. 

The surroundings (humidity, temperature, etc.) must be taken into consideration when you paint an outdated dresser with furniture paint.

Use a wet damp rag to keep your brushes and applicator tools moist and prevent the paint from drying on them while you use different brushes on different sections of your piece of furniture. This will ensure that your brushes perform at their best.

Putting the Final Touches on The Top

diy dresser top

This is an amazing product! You can actually set a cold coke on the top and let the condensation build up on the top and it will not leave a ring. 

After sanding the dresser’s top and cleaning off the dust, I stained it instead of painting it with Fusion’s SFO Stain and Finishing Oil.

diy dresser top2

Should You Wax Your Painted Piece?

After painting you may decide to leave the color and finish alone. But for those of you wanting that extra touch, our selection of waxes are astounding. If you want this dresser to have that aged, antique look we recommend using an Espresso tinted wax.

Fusion wax can be applied easily with a brush. Because it is so durable, apply it liberally with a brush.With a cloth, buff off the wax. Wax takes time to dry so don’t feel pressured to buff yours too soon. Use as much or as little pressure as you desire depending on the look you are going for. 

Whenever you notice you had too much dark wax on, or in an area where you don’t want it, try buffing a clear wax on a cloth or rag and apply it to the darker areas. This will make it simple to take off the darker wax.

Alternatively, you may prefer adding a little sheen or a little shine with our Matte or Gloss Tough Coat. Fusion comes with a built in topcoat; however, if you wish to add another dimension, we have nine tinted waxes available.

Now we have a beautiful, updated dresser! Fusion Mineral Paint lets you update your home and keep up with new trends. We love how Fusion Cathedral Taupe really transformed this beautiful piece from its outdated look.

diy dresser makeover before and after using fusion mineral paint
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Gaynelle Khan

A certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant… we carry the full Fusion line and love refinishing furniture and teaching customers how to “Paint It Beautiful”!

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Gaynelle Khan
A certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant… we carry the full Fusion line and love refinishing furniture and teaching customers how to “Paint It Beautiful”!
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