Color Trends for 2022

Color Trends for 2022

Everyone is wondering about the color trends for 2022. This year has been a roller coaster ride for everyone, and we’re all looking forward to some fresh air. Industry experts predict that healthy, serene, and centered colors will dominate the design landscape in 2022. Interiors are nudged awake by these dreamy blues, delicate greens, warm neutrals, vibrant yellows, and earthy shades of greens, which are said to be the color trends that will point us toward a bright horizon.

Our moods are directly affected by the colors we are surrounded by. Choosing the right room paint color or the perfect pop for your furniture paint color can make a massive difference in the perspective of any space and can improve our quality of living and give us a sense of inspiration.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are some of the color trends for 2022 that will help you welcome a year full of positivity and serenity.

Fusion’s Dreamy Blues

Color Trends for 2022 - Fusion Azure - A Place Called Home GA 2
Fusion Mineral Paint in Azure

Many people like neutral wall colors, yet blue evokes a sense of tranquility. Take a breath of tranquility with these fusion paint dreamy blue trends for 2022. Immediately, you’ll notice that these colors have nothing but a calming effect.

  • Azure Azure is frequently used in poetry to signify or refer to the sky or Heaven. This color is both bold and refined at the same time.
  • Champness – This beautiful and crisp blue is associated with the sea and the sky. There is a sense of relaxation and refreshment associated with a blue seaside mood.
  • Little TeapotLittle Teapot is a lovely color that radiates serenity. It’s perfect for your little ones. You’re looking at a cheerful sea or a gorgeous baby blue sky with Little Teapot.

When it comes to shades of blue, Fusion mineral paint offers lovely selections that will surely suit what you’re looking for. You may also try to check out Fusion’s Liberty Blue, Renfrew Blue, Heirloom, and more. These are just a few of the many options that will complete our collection of dreamy blue color trends for 2022.

Fusion’s Earthy Shade of Greens

Color Trends for 2022 - Fusion Park Bench - A Place Called Home GA 2
Fusion Mineral Paint in Park Bench

Earthy neutrals and nature-inspired greens may very well just be another set of color trends for 2022. Green tones are becoming more popular, ranging from sage to darker hues. A rich shade of green will always recall the peaceful, encompassing essence of the vast outdoors.

The color green has a calming effect and is associated with nature. Nature’s relaxing impact is ideal for your home, which should be a space where you can relax after a long day.

The following Fusion’s green color collection below is what you should look for this coming year:

  • Park Bench This gorgeous, vibrant, historic green is ideal for a statement piece of furniture in a room or a splash of color on an accent wall.
  • Brook Brook is a refreshing tropical watery blue-green paint by Fusion. It will provide you with a taste of tropical tranquility.
  • Jenny’s Green Jenny’s Green is a purer version of Bayberry that is somewhat darker than Lichen. Jenny of Big Family Little FarmHouse developed this shade for her kitchen cabinets, and it was such a hit that she teamed up with Fusion to make it available for us.
  • Pressed Fern Pressed Fern is a lovely dark green with bright vibrancy and a moody undertone. This luscious tone is a deep, rich green full of energy and vigor, and it’s the perfect base note for establishing a color scheme.

Fusion’s Warm Neutrals

ALGONQUIN MIDDLE 670f94fbc99a4cea497a33c2b3d617f0 800
Fusion Mineral Paint in Algonquin

Warm, neutral paint colors are trendy all year round. A neutral color palette can quickly make a room feel homey and comforting and give warmth and versatility to a space.

Below are Fusion’s warm neutral colors that will help you achieve a homey vibe for your space this coming year:

  • ChamplainChamplain is a lovely off-white paint that is warm and inviting. Its warmth might serve as the ideal backdrop for a splash of color.
  • Cathedral TaupeCathedral Taupe is a warm beige beautiful color. It is a beautiful highlight color if you’re looking for something unique.
  • Damask Damask is a muted mauve color that is bold and subtle. Any home will benefit from its stability and remarkable charm. It’s a dusty, earthy color that looks great with other neutrals, greys, and muted blues.
  • AlgonquinAlgonquin is a soft brown color that will provide warmth to any color palette. It gives off a woodsy, earthy vibe, especially when paired with the proper tones.
  • Vintage Gold Metallic – Our Vintage Gold Metallic has a gorgeous iridescent shimmer that is ideal for adding stunning accents. This color is the metallic paint to use if you want a vintage effect that stands the test of time.

Fusion’s Most Vibrant Yellow

Color Trends for 2022 - Fusion Little Star - A Place Called Home GA 2
Fusion Mineral Paint in Little Star from the Tone for Tots Collection

Yellow is a cheerful, youthful color that expresses hope and optimism. It can often evoke strong feelings because of its bright and intense color. Yellow attracts attention immediately, but it can also be harsh if used excessively.

When it comes to vibrant yellow, Fusion’s Little Star reigns supreme. This product is lightweight, easy to use, and highly durable. The paint has a built-in primer and top coat. Little Star is part of the Tones for Tots collection.

It is excellent for your tiny ones and shines brightly even the drabbest furniture piece. Whether it’s on a wooden crib or a toy cabinet, this bright yellow adds the perfect amount of vibrancy.

Color Your 2022 with Fusion Mineral Paint

Have you decided which color trend for 2022 suits your taste best? Fusion Mineral Paint’s ease of application, smooth matte finish, minimal prep requirements, and built-in topcoat can make any color combination stand out. Shop your Fusion paints with us at A Place Called Home GA 2. Let us help you welcome the year 2022, full of positivity and serenity.

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Gaynelle Khan
A certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant… we carry the full Fusion line and love refinishing furniture and teaching customers how to “Paint It Beautiful”!
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