DIY Christmas Porch Signs

DIY Christmas Porch Signs

Christmas porch signs are the perfect way to say “welcome to the holidays.” They’re more wonderful than a wreath or lights. Christmas porch signs come in different styles and can be used inside and out.

A Christmas sign, especially a large wooden one for the porch or yard, can get pricey at this time of year. Instead, DIY your Christmas porch signs! You can make some DIY Christmas porch signs, from rustic wood to painted signs to porch signs made with Fusion Mineral Paint. These projects are perfect for giving or displaying this holiday season.

Here are some porch sign ideas for welcoming the new season. Let’s get started!

“Merry Christmas” Porch Sign

Whenever you buy Christmas décor, you always come across beautiful Merry Christmas signs. However, sometimes simple Christmas decorations are the most eye-catching. You can create an attractive Merry Christmas porch sign using scrap wood, stencils, and Fusion Mineral Paint in no time at all.

“BELIEVE” Porch Sign

This BELIEVE sign is no exception to the trend of DIY porch signs for this holiday season. They’re all over Pinterest! Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, whom Christians “believe” to be God’s Son. The Believe Porch Sign would be a great addition to your holiday porch decorations! This sign can be hung or propped up on your porch.

“Joy” Porch Sign

It’s simple to make a DIY Joy Sign, and it’ll look great on your front porch. The word joy is intimately associated with Christmas. We celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus, during this joyful season.

You may make it more interesting by using a spherical wreath for the letter “O.”

“Santa Stop Here” Sign

Christmas porch signs are all about Merry Christmas and Joy lettering designs. You can be more creative by using other phrases or words that describe the Christmas season.

If you have old ceiling fan blades, don’t throw them away! It’s a perfect repurpose project, and you can use it to make an excellent DIY Santa Stop Here Sign for your porch this coming holiday season.

Reversible Holiday Porch Sign

This reversible holiday porch sign makes a statement and is brilliant! One side is for Thanksgiving or the fall, and the other is for Christmas. Flip it depending on the season, and you’ll have one fewer item to store in your seasonal décor. And now you’ve got cheerful greetings for the upcoming holiday season!

How to DIY Christmas Porch Signs With Stencils and Fusion Mineral Paint

There are a few different ways to make Christmas porch signs, and today we’ll show you how to do it using stencils and fusion mineral paint. First, we painted a solid white on both sides, and then we used stencils to paint the lettering and designs in red fusion paint after it dried.

With the help of the fantastic Fusion Mineral Paint, you can create a beautiful Christmas porch sign in less than an hour!

Here’s what you need:

  • One ft. x 4 ft. wood board (or any size you prefer)
  • Fusion white paint
  • Paintbrush or small paint roller
  • Christmas letter stencils
  • Fusion red paint (or any color of your choice)
  • Stencil dabbers or small stencil brush
  • Masking tape or temporary adhesive spray
  • Clearcoat topcoat paint to protect the paint


1. Allow it to dry after painting all sides of the wood board. Use Fusion white paint with a brush or roller. It might take a few light coats to make it look even.

Note: There are a lot of Fusion whites available to choose from, but I highly recommend Fusion’s Picket Fence variant for love the good white effect.

2. Layout and tape or use repositionable adhesive spray to attach the stencils to your board once they’ve dried.

3. Place a small amount of fusion red paint on a paper plate, dip the brush into it then lightly tap the color over the stencil. To avoid bleeding, apply many coats instead of using more paint.

Note: I recommend Fusion’s Fort York Red variant. Over the years, this brilliant fire engine red has become quite popular. Splashes of this color pop with excitement and leave a bright finish.

For better paint absorption, you may use Staalmeester Flat #10 Brush. The synthetic bristle component ensures a smooth, even application with few brush strokes.

4. Let it dry! There is no need to layer a top coat as Fusion paints already have a built-in topcoat. However, if you want extra protection, you can use Fusion’s Tough Coat in Matte or Gloss.

This would be a great project to do with a friend and share the materials for a craft night. Additionally, the outcomes of Fusion mineral paints are nothing less than impressive. Fusion is thin and light. So the paint moves through your brush so quickly, it leaves far less texture than chalk-type paint. It’s easier to work with than other chalk-type paints because of its thinner consistency.

You’ll have a lovely Christmas porch sign to add to your home’s decoration. It’ll be perfect for the holidays!

Start Your DIY Christmas Porch Signs Now!

It’s a perfect time to be creative this holiday season. You can do various things and use different color schemes to make yours unique. Start your DIY projects with your family and friends and create a magical holiday together.

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Gaynelle Khan
A certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant… we carry the full Fusion line and love refinishing furniture and teaching customers how to “Paint It Beautiful”!
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